Writing Slope Restoration

This rather tatty writing slope arrived in to us for an overhaul. Our brief was simple. Keep its original charm.

This old slope had seen quite a lot in its 120 + years. Some dents, some nicks, some losses, some breakages. But we were asked to be sympathetic.

It was quite shook, as you can see. We stripped it, cleaned it and removed the faded dry brittle leather skiver.

Our next job was to check the brass hinges and locks. This one needed two replacements, so we sourced two antique brass hinges that fitted perfectly. This piece had seen too many repairs so we decided that the correct sized hinges would be a better option than replacing them with a different type and size.

The next item on the list, the new leather. These skivers are individually crafted for each piece. Here, a forest green hand-cut and hand embossed skiver was offered up to check its size and placement.

Having checked the leather it was time to work on the secret compartment. This addition needed a little TLC. It had been abused and forced open at some stage, so it was a little delicate to repair.

Writing boards back in place, hinges on and it’s on to fitting the leather. An art in itself, and requiring the patience of a saint, it went on with delicate precision.

The slope was oiled and french polished and finished with a green wool felt baize.

Safe to say, it’s looking a lot better than when it came in.

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