For rent…

Delighted to acquire this magnificent rent table. Made in Killarney circa 1790, it is in remarkable condition for its age.

Finely detailed capstan inlaid top, on a hexagonal podium, and conclave plinth with carved ball feet. Drawers are beautifully bowed, individually crafted to include space for a simple mechanism allowing the table turn 360 degrees.

Just look how well the walnut has come up. A spectacular piece that needed very little work save a clean, oil and a polish.

The before shots:

The after shots:

Available from Salvagem™️ P.O.A

Call Michael on 083 1624750 or 021 4509550 to arrange viewing.

One thought on “For rent…

  1. My mother would have enjoyed a rent table. She And her sister had a very simple system for paying her bills which would have sat nicely in the table. Her system works for me now, even though I’ve more going on. That’s expected. It’s said that a daughter ought to flourish better than her mother, the previous generation, and my daughters need to flourish better than me.
    I’m going to buy a rent table.


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